"Friends sponsoring friends for 25 cents a lap is really what this event is founded on." 


The Event

The Mothership Classic is a pledge driven event held each Spring on the worlds greatest chairlift, KT22. Participants begin by gathering pledges like a Nascar racer chasing sponsorships.  On the day of the event, each participant will challenge themselves to hot lap KT22 as many times as possible from first chair to last on skinny skis, retro snowboards, mono skis, snow blades, etc.   Nostalgic ski attire is encouraged.  

Awards are given out for a variety of categories including: Most laps, most money raised, best costume, raddest goggles, etc.

All funds raised go directly to the healing efforts of athletes that have suffered life-altering injuries via The High Fives Foundation.


The goal when we started this event 8 years ago was create something that allows everyone the opportunity to do something positive while spending a day on the hill.  Friends sponsoring friends is really what the event was founded on.  The original recipe was pretty simple, and we haven’t changed it much over the years…  Helping others who have suffered life-altering injuries by spending a day chasing your friends around is about as good as it gets.

THE Details

This is a first to last chair fundraiser, that means lapping KT22 all day. 

Event: Sunday, March 31, 2019

8:00am - 9:00am: Meet at the Wildfour, for MC registration

9:00am: Load KT22 and begin the 6th annual Mothership Classic.

4:00pm: Last chair load on KT22. Mothership Classic ends.

4:30pm: TBD

Cost: FREE to participate. Fundraising prior to event is encouraged, start fundraising here.


What We've Achieved

  • 2018 event: $81,168 raised - 4th annual Mothership Classic.

  • 2017 event: $66,458 raised - 3rd annual Mothership Classic

  • 2016 event: $49,000 raised - 2nd annual Mothership Classic

  • 2015 event: $37,000 raised - 1st annual Mothership Classic

  • 2014 event: $30,000 raised - Skinny Ski-a-thon

  • 2013 event: $30,000 raised - Skinny Ski-a-thon

  • 2012 event: $22,000 raised - Skinny Ski-a-thon

  • 2011 event: $4,000 raised - Skinny Ski-a-thon